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So we are nearly to the end of the renovations to the inside of our house.  We’ve been living in the house since just before Christmas and I’m really loving living here. It is so peaceful and quiet.  The kids have so much room to run around and explore.  The chooks are loving the extra room too!

The girls have started their new school and after a rocky start for our oldest it seems to be working out.  We’ve been volunteering for lots of community events to get involved and meet new people.  The community feel in this suburb is so different to where we were living before.  It is awesome.

We have started on the outside over the past few weeks.  New native plants for the garden, a huge “man cave” for the husband and won’t be too much longer until the 25,000L water tank arrives.  It will be plumbed into the house and used on our toilets and washing machine.  Later in the year the plan is to put in greywater as well from the house out onto our fruit trees.  So exciting!

We have received our first electricity bill since having the solar panels and it was $106 which is awesome!  We are using 6 units a day too which for a family of 4 is pretty good I think.

It will be interesting to see what our household bills end up being after a year of living here.  With no gas (we had the bottled gas removed as soon as handover happened), solar panels, solar hot water, water tank, grey water system and a spectic tank system which was already here when we moved I think we have done a good job of ensuring that our future bills will be as low as we can possible get them and we will hopefully use a lot less of the natural resources than we did in our old house.

Anyway, here are a few more update photos for you!  I might put some posts together over the next few weeks of what we did room by room with more details.




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So we are still in full-on house renovation mode at the moment. You can see part one of the renovation here.  Much to my delight we are finally coming to the end of the “demolishing” phase and moving on to the “making it look good again” phase.

We have had a wall built, rendered and plastered. We have fixed up the ceiling where the pantry was. We have cleaned the concrete floors and we have had an electrician come and do a bit of wiring ready for the kitchen to go in.  We are trying to do as much of it as we can but for some things you do need to hire the professionals!  To keep it as eco as we can be (both within our time constraints and also budget) we are hiring people that live locally so that the travel is cut down and also to support the people in our new-to-us community.

New wall closing up the space between the kitchen/family and lounge room

New wall from the lounge room side which has been plastered.

My Dad has been an absolute warrior and has painted all the bedrooms (walls and ceilings) with the paint we bought from ecolour. The paint is great and we are super happy with it. Especially since it is zero VOC and an Australian company! Yeehah!

Ruby doing some painting

Painting for Ruby was “the best day ever!”

Freshly painted master bedroom

Just today the tiler has been and has levelled and concreted the bathroom floors ready for the tiles and he has started the tiling in the laundry. Mr Natural Newborn will be sealing and waterproofing the bathrooms tomorrow and then the bathrooms will be tiled over the next few days after that. Can’t wait to see what they look like!  I chose tiles with rectified edges so that the gaps between the tiles are smaller.  Smaller gaps = less grout = less cleaning!  Win!

Tiled laundry floor

Mr Natural Newborn started putting the kitchen together on the weekend.  We had to go with a flat pack kitchen because we didn’t have time for a cabinet maker to build us one and we also didn’t have the finances!  To save some dollars we are going to put it together ourselves.

Start of the kitchen

Hope you are all getting organised for Christmas.  I’ve started my online shopping with a big purchase from Spiral Garden.  I love that shop!

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