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So, it has been a bit quiet on the blog, website, facebook etc lately. But I certainly haven’t been sitting around enjoying the peace and quiet!!! We have been renovating our new house.

At the end of October we sold our house and got the keys to our new house in Roleystone (in the hills outside of Perth WA). Mr Natural Newborn, the kids and I have all moved into my parents house and are currently living in 2 bedrooms (it is amazing how you can live with so little!) while we do the renovation.

I thought you might be interested in seeing what we’ve been up to lately.

Front of our new house with the awesome tree rope swing that the kids love

The kitchen

Family room

Chook Pen

Our future vegie patch and fruit orchard

We have a 2,000 sqm block so plenty of room for the kids to play, Mr TNN can have his vegie patch and grow fruit trees and get a “man cave” and 25,000L water tank.  The chook pen was a bit over grown and the chook house had a hole in the roof so we all got in there and tidied it up and Mr TNN put some left-over colourbond sheets he had from our old house onto the chook house roof so the hole was covered up.  They are very happy in their new home!

The first thing we did was replace the gas hot water system with a solar hot water system and had the bottled gas removed.  We didn’t want to have to keep replacing the bottles as it can be quite expensive and if the sun will heat our water for free why pay for it!  We also had a 2kw solar electricity system installed as well.

Then the demolishing began!  Pretty much everything has come out.  Probably not the most eco-friendly decision but we have tried to give away/sell as much as we could and lots of it will be reused by ourselves.  The kitchen will be used as cupboards in Mr TNN’s new shed.  The bath will go into the garden to be a part of the aquaponics that he wants to set up.  The appliances were all put onto Gumtree.  But unfortunately the old tiles and some of the walls had to go into a skip bin.

The end of day 1

Kids bathroom

And after a weekend of diamond grinding the floors this is where we currently are with the renovation.  Can’t believe that we only started this 3 weeks ago!  Mr Natural Newborn has been very busy (he is doing this while still working as well).

Kitchen, pantry and half walls removed. Looking across the family room towards the kitchen.

I’ll be painting ceilings tomorrow.  We’ve chosen to use ecolour paint which is an Australian company that manufactures climate friendly, carbon neutral, ZERO VOC paint which uses recycled refined waste engine oil to make their water based paints.  The oil acts as a preservative in the paint.

And see that pile of skirting boards in the above photo…that’s my job!  I have to sand and repaint them all.  Lucky me!!!

So the destruction has pretty much finished now and we are about to put it all back together again.  I’ll put up another blog post in a couple of weeks with the updates.  You can also follow me on facebook and instagram for regular photo updates.


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