Yoga Zoo

A few years ago I decided to send Emma to kids yoga to help her with her anxiety and now both girls regularly go to school holiday programs at Yoga Zoo with Michelle.

They recently went to her Happy Heart Warrior Workshop which involved an hour of yoga with Michelle and then an hour of drama with Nichola.

The kids had the BEST time.  Ruby even declared it to be “better than kindy”!  That is pretty high praise I tell ya!

While they were off doing yoga and drama I took a little walk around A Place Just To Be which is where it was held.  This little gemstone of a place is in East Fremantle and is so gorgeous.  There were about a dozen little nooks to sit in and relax.  I settled on a little limestone room and read my Miranda Kerr book.  It was the perfect spot to read her book.

Michelle has another workshop coming up on 30 June which is a Parent and Child Workshop at Beacon Yoga Centre.  Unfortunately we can’t go but I can highly recommend attending.  You will love it!


Would you believe it if I told you that these bowls are made from recycled milk bottles?  They are.  Groovy huh!

They are made in the USA from recycled milk jugs and other recycling items that are flattened and sorted.  They carefully sort and select the appropriate containers, grind them up into flakes, which are thoroughly cleaned, dried and colour sorted. Then the little flakes are melted and made into pellets for shipping to Re-play’s molder. He mixes the recycled pellets with a batch of colourant pellets, and then magically molds each Re-Play item.

But the green cred doesn’t stop there!  They have a smaller carbon footprint because recycling saves energy, water, resources and landfill space, and reduces pollution.  They are BPA free, phthalate free and PVC free. And HDPE plastic is one of the easiest plastics to recycle, and it can be recycled again and again.

The Re-Play line of tableware will last, it’s rugged and durable and it’s also affordable.  Re-Play is top rack dishwasher safe but should not be used in the microwave.

The tableware range includes no-spill sippy cups, bowls, divided plates with deep walls to help little kids learn to use utensils and a fork and spoon pack.

The kids will love the bright colours, parents will love the fact that they are a safe choice for your kids and the planet will thank you for making a smart decision when buying Re-play recycled tableware.

Prices start from $7.95.  Plates, bowls and utensils can be found here.  No-spill cups can be found here.


we made Power Oats for breakfast

made an avocado, orange and chicken salad for my lunch to take to work today

made Vietnamese rice paper rolls for lunch.  Ruby loved them, she wants to take them to school for lunch!

did all the mundane boring stuff like emptied the dishwasher, sorted washing, emptied bins etc

made an orange cake and then ate some while it was still warm

gave Ruby cuddles after I iced the orange cake without her and she got a bit upset…was nothing a piece of cake couldn’t fix!

washed my hair with bicarb and ACV

did a tonne of dishes after all the cooking

went to my parents for a roast dinner followed by baked apples with sultanas and honey with ice cream

survived the first weekend of Mr Natural Newborn being away for work.  1 weekend down, 2 to go!

Two blog posts in one week….wowee look at me go!  🙂

I’ve had a few deliveries this week including Thermos, Apple & Bee, Selkiedesigns and Nature’s Child.

All the Thermos products are now back in stock including the ever popular sippy cups…I can never keep these in stock and they always run out quickly!

The Thermos sippy cups are really fantastic though and excellent quality.  When Ruby was younger I was at the shops and trying to get everything in the car ready to go home.  She dropped her sippy cup over the side of her stroller and I thought to myself “I must remember to pick that up” but in the flurry to getting 2 kids and the shopping/stroller in the car I completely forgot.  It wasn’t until I reversed over it that I remembered that she had dropped it!  But even with a car driving over the top of the sippy cup it still worked and survived quite well actually!  There was a slight dent and a few scratches on it and the plastic bottom plate fell off but it was still functional!!

All the Selkiedesigns amber teething necklaces are back in stock again including a gorgeous new colour called Toffee.  Check them out here!

Nature’s Child has all been updated and restocked.  We’ve also received their beautiful heirloom quality organic cotton cot sheet sets.  They are $89 and can be found here.

Lastly Apple & Bee have released two new fabrics for their ever popular change mats.  They are super cute and make an awesome present for a new eco-mumma!  Check them out here and for $29.95 they are a great price too.

There are a couple of awesome seminars happening in Perth over the next few months!

Pinky McKay is heading to Perth for a Baby Sleep Seminar on 21 May and a Toddler Tactics seminar the following day on 22 May. For more information head here.

Then in June Sue Dengate from Fed Up fame is coming to Perth to talk about food intolerance and preservatives/additives in food.  Should be really interesting!  Details are here.

This blog is turning into more about my life and family rather than about the business and products! Ah well, at least you get a little sneak peak of the person (and family) behind the business!

I wanted to write about our family weekend out because it shows that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a really fantastic and fun day out. You can find out about so many great, free events from the library or in your local newspaper. I found out about the Better Beginnings Carnivale when I was at my local library on the community noticeboard.

Anyway, it was run by Better Beginnings and held at the State Library in the city so we packed some snacks and caught the train into the city ($9.00 for a full day family ticket).

We headed up to the Perth Cultural Centre once we were in town and went to the State Library to join in the fun.  First stop was to pick up a free pair of awesome fairy wings for each of the girls!  Fairy wings are super popular in our house!!  Then we went and did some colouring in of some “scales” for a butterfly statue that was being being made on the day.

Next stop was the State Library where the girls went into a “photo booth” and had their photos taken.  These are their funny face ones!

Then upstairs to make their own books!

While they were busy creating I went for a wander and discovered the Busythings program which is a free online program for WA residents.  All you need is a library card from your local library and you can access the program at http://www.better-beginnings.com.au/resources/busythings.

Busythings is a world of fun for children aged three to six years. With over 150 activities to discover in the areas of literacy, numeracy, creative development and general knowledge, learning has never been so silly! Watch Cat and Dog retell your favourite fairytales or count out the number of treats to give to Monkey before he eats them all! New activities are added every month so there’s always something new to discover.

On the way out we checked on the progress of the butterfly and discovered the girls each had a scale on the wings so they were happy!

My SIL found out that Government House was having an open day so we caught the free city bus there and had a wander around the gardens, visited an animal farm, ate some lunch on the grass and went inside to have a look around and play at the Scitech display that was set up in the Ballroom.

Unfortunately Ruby thought that the Ballroom was an actual room full of balls!  Luckily Scitech was in there otherwise she would have been very disappointed LOL!

What are you up to this weekend?  Check out your library and newspaper (or local council website) to see if there are any events on in your city that are cheap and family friendly.

We have a weekend of birthday parties so there is lots more fun to be had!

The drive from Denmark to Albany is roughly 45 minutes…it took us much much longer than that.  But again, it was an adventure!

We decided to go via Walpole and visit the Tree Walk there.  The kids loved it especially when we went for a walk on the boardwalk and talked about what the fairies would do in the trees at night time when all the people had left!

Afterwards we drove to Albany and checked into our next home away from home.  This time we stayed at Balneaire which is in a fantastic spot across the road from the Bay Merchant at Middleton Beach.

Our time in Albany was much more laid back and we didn’t rush around doing quite as much because we’ve been to Albany quite a few times before and this part of the holiday was more about sussing out potential schools/suburbs to live in than sight-seeing.  We spent quite a bit of time researching suburbs, checking out land, checking out the schools and have a pretty good idea of where we want to live now.

It wasn’t all “work” though…we still had time to go to the Wind Farm, spent a lovely day lazing at a gorgeous beach and having a picnic lunch, went to Emu Point for a swim and also wandered along York Street for some window shopping.